The Dome Fire Pit

Outdoor enjoyment is never complete without the warm embrace of a crackling fire. The Dome fire pit is the key to unlocking the enchantment of those evening adventures, where the setting sun gives way to the mesmerizing dance of flames. It’s a soothing escape everyone craves after a long day.

This fire pit is designed with sturdy legs  that provide stability on any surface ensuring safety. Its handles do not get hot when the fire burns, making it easily portable even when in use. Its removable ashtray makes cleaning easy, and can be used as an underneath air supply during long burns. The dome fire pit comes with a complete range of cooking  accessories that allow you to grill outdoors, making it a must-have addition to your outdoor entertainment arsenal.

Its sleek dome-shaped design is a modern twist on a classic favorite, that comes in three different sizes ranging from small, medium to large, with bespoke options available. Its rusted finish, a rusty fundi designer’s choice easily blends in with any outdoor space without interfering with the deco. It adds charm to any outdoor space, and serves as a reliable source of warmth and light during chilly days.





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