The Bowl Fire Pit

Bowls have a rich history in our East African dining traditions, serving as vessels that contained our meals and shaped our shared experiences and memories. The Bowl fire pit is inspired by these nostalgic serving bowls that remind us of the gathering we have with loved ones, seeking warmth and sharing stories. It rekindles old memories and allows a deep connection to the outdoors, to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and to know that your stories matter to us.

The Bowl Fire Pit resembles a round, hollow plate that each East African home used to serve food in. It is a revived tradition that holds your fire and protects your outdoor grounds from ruin. Its features are minimalist and include a solid base that is firm and a round body that holds your logs and ash during use. This fire pit has cooking accessories that allow you to grill outdoors, and is perfect for marshmallow roasting with friends.

Transform your yard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams with this portable and durable bowl fire pit.



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