The Ultimate Guide to Wood Burning Stoves – everything you need to know

If you are considering buying a wood burning stove, it is important to understand which type is right for your home, as well as the considerations surrounding your options.

Our ultimate guide to wood burning stoves is complete with details on how to use our wood burners efficiently, with suggestions on the best fuel choice and choosing the right design and size for your space.

Why buy a wood burning stove?

Wood burning stoves add warmth, charm, and a cosy feeling to any room. While many clients choose them to add character to their homes, they are energy-efficient and can help save money on energy bills. 

Wood burning stove cost?

The cost of wood burning stoves varies depending on a range of factors, including the size of the stove, design, and the needs of your home. Small simple models can be purchased for between Kshs.80,000- Kshs.150,000 – while more elaborate options are available for more.

It’s a great idea to talk through your needs with us – we can help you to understand which type of stove is right for your space.

How to use a wood burner

It is important that you use your stove in a safe and efficient manner – these steps will allow you to use your wood burning stove effectively.

  • Prepare your stove – ensure that your stove is free of ash gathered from previous use, our stoves have removable ashtrays and fire accessories that make them easy to clean.
  • Make a fire bed – you should place your firelighters or paper and dry kindling wood on your fire bed. Start small and build around your fire in a pyramidal way.
  • Lighting your fire – you should wait for the kindling to catch fire and then allow it to begin to burn.  
  • Leave the door slightly open – leaving the door slightly open helps the flue pull and helps you to light the fire. It also avoids the build-up of condensation on the front of the glass.  
  • Add larger pieces gradually – as soon as the kindling is burning well, you should add larger pieces of split wood. Do not add full logs immediately – you need to build up the fire gradually and ensure that you do not smother it. The teeth of the fire box act as log guards to keep all the burning wood inside and away from the glass.
  • Monitor Air Flow – Our wood burners have multiple ways to adjust the airflow. Once the fire is burning well, you can reduce the amount of airflow to prevent the wood from burning too fast; it’s important to only slow the airflow once the fire is burning well. As the fire gets hotter and more established, you can slow the air right down to ensure the wood burns slowly and efficiently. Slowing the air too soon could kill the fire, so close monitoring is advised.

How to clean wood burner glass

Our wood burners are modern and are very easy to clean. They are often built with self-cleaning glass meaning there is no need to scrub. If your glass browns use soft steel wool to clean it before use.

Are wood burning stoves bad for your health?

Our wood burners are easy to use and maintain and do not pose danger to your health. The sealed unit means no smoke can enter the room, protecting you from particulate matters and prevent sparks or ash falling on the floor when the stove is in use. For safety precautions, we provide professional installation services and test all our stoves after installation. We also provide carbon monoxide alarms and teach our clients best practices when using our stoves.

Are wood burners sustainable?

Our wood burners use approximately 10 times less wood consumption than an open fire whilst giving off more heat. The ceramic glass radiates heat into the room where an open fire puts all the heat up the chimney. Burning properly dried wood, such as kiln dried firewood that has travelled as little distance as possible, gives off less smoke emissions meaning cleaner, greener fuel. Some of our wood burner designs have wood storage underneath the fire box that can act as kilns, drawing heat from the metallic frame when the wood burner is in use.

What size wood burning stove do I need?

The most vital aspect of choosing a stove is to select one that is the right size for your space. A stove that is too small will not be able to heat the space properly, and one that is too big will overheat the room.  If you need a wood burning stove, seek sizing advice from us. We will conduct a site visit to advise on the right size for your space.

Can you have a wood burning stove with no chimney?

Yes! You can have a flue installed in your space to use your wood burning stove. These systems are inexpensive and can be installed through the roof, wall or through the window depending on several factors. 

If you would like any advice on the type of stove best suited to your home, contact us today.



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