Nature Inspired Designs: The Savannah Forest Fire Pit

Structural Design and Naming

Why the name Savannah forest fire pit? The bush patterns in the African Savannah Forest inspire Rusty Fundi’s Forest Fire Pit. The Forest Fire Pit is a creation of blended artistry and practicality. Its intricate lines and cut-out shapes of its exterior embody the essence of the African Savannah’s dense vegetation: A complex interplay of branches that result in a stunning centerpiece showcasing borrowing from nature. When lit, the interwoven gaps scatter light to create an ethereal spectacle reminiscent of playful shadows etched in its design. The fire pit’s dimensions are carefully proportioned to accommodate a substantial fire while ensuring safety and functionality. Made from mild steel and finished in heat-resistant paint, it guarantees longevity and enduring beauty, withstanding the test of time.

A Gathering Space

The Forest fire pit becomes a focal point as the fire crackles, a space for communal gatherings and shared experiences. It welcomes an evening of storytelling, marshmallow toasting and the joy of keeping company. Its delicate design is a conversation starter: a testament to nature’s beauty and a captivating essence blend of form and function.

A Piece of Art

While the forest fire pit is built for the outdoors, it can stand as a remarkable piece of art. Its delicate lines and shapes give it a sculptural transformation that graces a backyard and evokes a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural wild.



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