The Dome Fire Pit

Outdoor enjoyment is never complete without the warm embrace of a crackling fire. The Dome fire pit is the key to unlocking the enchantment of those evening adventures, where the setting sun gives way to the mesmerizing dance of flames. It’s a soothing escape everyone craves after a long day. This fire pit is designed […]

The Camp Fire Pit

The Camp Fire Pit is a masterful craft, designed for ease of assembly without the need for any tools. One of its standout features is its remarkable portability, its design allows you to disassemble and reassemble it effortlessly, making it a perfect companion for camping trips and outdoor adventures. It eliminates the hassle of digging […]

The Bowl Fire Pit

Bowls have a rich history in our East African dining traditions, serving as vessels that contained our meals and shaped our shared experiences and memories. The Bowl fire pit is inspired by these nostalgic serving bowls that remind us of the gathering we have with loved ones, seeking warmth and sharing stories. It rekindles old […]

Nature Inspired Designs: The Savannah Forest Fire Pit

Structural Design and Naming Why the name Savannah forest fire pit? The bush patterns in the African Savannah Forest inspire Rusty Fundi’s Forest Fire Pit. The Forest Fire Pit is a creation of blended artistry and practicality. Its intricate lines and cut-out shapes of its exterior embody the essence of the African Savannah’s dense vegetation: […]

Nature Inspired Designs: The Monstera Fire Pit

The fusion of nature and modern aesthetics is a captivating trend. A particular combination that has gained popularity at Rusty Fundi is the monstera-inspired fire pit and the forest pit. These designs blend the wild beauty of greenery with the warmth of fire.  The Monstera fire pit is designed to replicate the distinctive split leaves, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Wood Burning Stoves – everything you need to know

If you are considering buying a wood burning stove, it is important to understand which type is right for your home, as well as the considerations surrounding your options. Our ultimate guide to wood burning stoves is complete with details on how to use our wood burners efficiently, with suggestions on the best fuel choice […]