KShs 264,000KShs 355,418

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Dimensions N/A


  • L-720mm W-375mm H-550mm
  • ornate aesthetic
  • high temperature glass door
  • steel body & an iron door
  • heat resistant paint
  • multi-fuel




Classic Range Wood Burner is blend of timeless elegance and functional warmth for any indoor space. This range offers two distinct design options. The plain design exudes minimalist charm, while the ornate design showcases intricate detailing and patterns for a more elaborate look.

The 3-sided multi-fuel Wood burner is a great option as a centrepiece for your room and can heat  different rooms if well placed in a space. The heat radiates faster because of the extra glass surface area. These triple-fronted log burners are popular in new construction homes, bars, restaurants, and hotel lounges or lobbies. They also work well in open-plan living rooms, where they can help split the space into separate zones. It can be free-standing or on a stand.