Double sided rusted woodburner

The rusted double sided wood burner is a compact piece with the right aesthetic to fit right in the middle of your room. Enjoy the fire from multiple positions thanks to 2 glass sides without having to worry about the wood as the burner works efficiently to use little wood for longer periods of time. Control the intensity of the flames using our inbuilt air control and make the wood last even longer. The stand size and style might vary.


The price is not inclusive of installation fees. Chimney flue and installation are charged separately and need to be quoted for each stove model. This is because each house is unique with different setups and dimensions. An installation quote will be provided upon request through our contact lines. Allow a day for installation.

KSh 232,000

  • Natural aesthetic
  • Eco- friendly
  • Clean efficient burn
  • 2 glass sides
  • Steel Body
  • W- 585mm  D- 375mm H -850mm