The Visa Project

The Visa project is a collaborative effort aimed at physically depicting various payment scenarios within a dynamic and artistic environment. It is a modern technology project drawing inspiration from African pop culture for a harmonious portrayal. It offers visitors a captivating journey that seamlessly blends art, technology, and heritage.

Matatu Culture

One of the highlights of the Visa project is the incorporation of elements inspired by Matatu culture. The matatu, covered in vibrant graffiti, serves as a symbol of this unique Kenyan transportation culture. It’s an accurate representation of local artistry and expression, creating a dynamic focal point within the installation. The matatu installation is brought to life through interactive elements. Inside the matatu, screens provide an accurate context, allowing users to physically board the vehicle and immerse themselves in the Matatu culture. Additionally, wireframe human figures are strategically placed to demonstrate various ways people signal a matatu to stop, adding an educational aspect to the experience.

Cafe Bantou

Cafe Bantou is a delightful scenario within the Visa project. As visitors enter the space, they are greeted by an aromatic coffee station. The design elements of this coffee stand include a blend of textures, featuring wood, sisal rope, and plant materials. This combination not only offers a unique sensory experience but also highlights the use of local provisions.

Table Design

There’s a remarkable table designed to resemble the map of Africa. Crafted from Pine wood, it’s not just a piece of furniture but a work of art. The table’s design is carefully crafted to be as realistic as possible, paying homage to the continent’s extensive geography.