Shirley’s Jacaranda Gazebo

Shirley’s Jacaranda Gazebo

A Collaboration

An interior designer, Shirley, reached out to us with a design framework that needed our input. It was an interesting concept, Shirley wanted to create several focal points within one gazebo. We collaborated on her concept and developed a stunning, functional and bespoke project that was perfect.

The Screens

We strategically designed glass and rusted metal screens to create a balance between an open and closed-off atmosphere within the gazebo. This design allows for a connection with the garden surrounding the gazebo and also provides a sense of privacy. It gives a diffused view of the garden from the inside, while maintaining a connection with the outdoors, it also creates a sense of separation.

Rusted Box Framing for Seating Area

We created a rusted metal box framing for the seating area to complement the gazebo’s selected colour theme. The frame is a striking backdrop for the sofa, fitting seamlessly within the frame, adding a rustic charm. The bar stools around it are designed to be lightweight and versatile and can be used anywhere around the gazebo. They are also comfortable and match the overall gazebo theme.

The Double Pizza Oven on a Metallic Stand

For the cooking area, our double Pizza oven featuring a copper finish was the perfect choice to complement the earthy colour palette of the gazebo. It serves as a functional cooking space and provides an engaging culinary experience. To enhance the pizza-making experience, we included a large pizza spade and a pizza turner with wooden handles for safety and convenience.

Sunken Fire Pit with Flue and Bell Housing

The firepit at Shirley’s gazebo is designed with precise measurements to allow people to comfortably gather around it. The mild steel construction is durable and able to withstand high temperatures. The hood over the fire pit features a bell housing design that efficiently collects smoke and directs it up through the chimney. It is strategically positioned to capture smoke without obstructing the view or interaction of people sitting around the fire pit. While it is a functional design, it is also a design element that adds aesthetics to the gazebo. The seating around the fire pit is arranged in a low, relaxed, and comfortable semi-circular fashion to encourage face-to-face interaction and ensure that everyone enjoys the warmth and ambience of the fire.