Pepper Tree

Pepper Tree

Pepper Tree is a groundbreaking establishment that blends the art of craft cocktails with a celebration of global flavours. This venue offers enticing culinary and mixology experience within an environment that places design at its core. Drawing inspiration from culinary traditions spanning the globe, PepperTree skillfully harnesses the finest ingredients to craft a cuisine that is both exceptional and lavish. The restaurant consists of stylish furnishings of varnished woods, painted metals and patterned tiles with blue-grey and rose gold accents.

Global Culinary Theme

The name ‘Pepper’ stems from an abundance of salt and pepper globally, and ‘Tree’ symbolises health. To embody this concept, we fabricated natural and sustainable materials in the restaurant’s interior design.

Connection to Nature

The large windows all around the restaurants reinforce connection to nature. They allow natural light to flood the space, making it feel open and inviting. These windows create walls of glass that wrap around the building to give an illusion of infinite space, and allow guests to view city lights in the night and the towering Nairobi Expressway.

Hanging Wooden Planters

These were incorporated to add a biophilic element to the space, with a variety of lush green plants. While they are decorative, they act as a reminder of the restaurant’s commitment to fresh organic ingredients. Tropical murals of flowers hang outside the pots to create a sense of a dense forest filled with dangling creepers and give an impression of dining in a lush, glass greenhouse.

The Spiralling Staircase

The wooden and metal staircase is a captivating centrepiece and an embodiment of both ‘Pepper’ and ‘Tree’ themes. The wood brings warmth and organic allure that blends with the metal railing to add a contemporary touch. The staircase adds vertical intrigue to the space and is symbolic of the restaurant’s journey through global flavours. Upon ascension, you will find yourself on the roof terrace for more delights.

Illuminating The Night With Hanging Lanterns

When the night closes in, these exquisite lanterns cast a gentle glow that gracefully illuminate PepperTree’s interior, creating an enchanting atmosphere that enhances dining experience.