Offroad Adventures


Offroad Adventures


The Vesica Pisces-Racetrack Pergola

This pergola is inspired by Vesica Pisces sacred geometry and racetrack designs to create a captivating and harmonious environment within the shared space between AXA Bar and Grill and Offroad Adventures. Vesica Pisces is formed by the intersection of two circles of spheres whose centres exactly touch. The symbolic intersection represents the ‘common ground’ ‘shared vision’ or ‘mutual understanding’ between equal individuals.

The Vesica Pisces design of the pergola symbolises harmony and balance and offers greater significance of the space. Just as a racetrack requires precision and balance for smooth navigation of its curves and corners, the pergola design embodies these principles. The racetrack-inspired design, with its dynamic curves and corners, brings a sense of excitement and movement to the pergola. AXA is a relaxed and leisurely restaurant where clients gather for good food and socialising while Offroad Adventures is a space filled with adrenaline. This masterpiece is the visual and symbolic centrepiece that harmonises these two contrasting experiences.

The Boma

The fire pit at the centre of the Pergola keeps the guest warm and is the heart of the space. It creates an ambience perfect for dining, sharing stories and laughter. The fire pit accessories draw inspiration from sheet metal work in motorsport and hot rodding vehicles to add an industrial and rugged aesthetic. This choice connects the structure to an adventurous theme and also highlights craftsmanship and attention to detail. The circular rods are inspired by the rear sprocket of a motorcycle as a design detail to add an element of motorcycling culture to the space and serve as an attachment point for the metal rods; which are used for cooking food, enhancing the utility of the fire pit.

The Classic Wood Burner

While traditional fireplaces have their charm, modern wood burners provide a more efficient and practical heating solution. Wood burners are significantly more efficient at converting wood fuel into heat owing to their closed combustion chambers and can achieve higher combustion temperatures, resulting in better heat output for the same amount of wood. Wood burners have doors, reducing the risk of sparks escaping and causing accidents. This makes them a safer option for spaces with children or pets like AXA restaurant. This was an important reason to install a classic wood burner inside AXA’s existing chimney.

A Cantilevered Structure

While this pergola is a fusion of elements that are symbolic, the design chosen was one that doesn’t obstruct the view of the racetrack from the seats. It allows people to enjoy uninterrupted visuals of the tack and activities happening around it. This pergola is a testament to creativity and willingness to push the boundaries of conventional design resulting in a truly special and memorable outdoor space.

Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture is designed with a weathered look giving it a rustic character. Over time, as the furniture continues to weather from a fluctuating outdoor climate, it develops a unique character that symbolises this ability to withstand the challenges of harsh outdoors conditions. This endurance quality reflects the enduring spirit of adventure and exploration that defines Offroad Adventures as their clients navigate rugged terrain and seek new horizons. This design choice adds visual appeal and emphasises durability, making it suitable for outdoor seating. The wood used to create the furniture is repurposed, and the finishing complements the adventurous and dynamic atmosphere of Offroad adventures. Each piece of furniture is branded with selective motosport logos and symbols to reinforce the theme and identity of the space. The use of motorsport branding reflects the diverse brands associated with Offroad Adventures, and adds a layer of authenticity and connection to the adventure and adrenaline theme.

The Bar

The bar area is designed with open shelves to provide clients with a clear view of the extensive selection of drinks available at AXA Bar and Grill. The warm lighting placed around the shelves enhance the visibility of the drinks and contribute to the intimate and sophisticated ambiance, especially in the evening, making this space more inviting.

The Door

At the entrance of the restaurant is a mediaeval-inspired door crafted from repurposed cypress wood enclosed in metal framing, showcasing an intricate array of ironwork details This door adds an aged quality and craftsmanship to the space.

Reception desk and Storage

The reception desk at Offroad Adventures is made from pine. The front is branded with their logo in metal and the colours coordinate well within the space. This space features vintage furniture including ottomans, chests and consoles.